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Many of my readers remain confused about how to tweet like a pro.

As we always do here on the second Wednesday of each month, here’s your copy ‘n’ paste shortcut to have game on the platform.


* David Ignatius essential reading on why the U.S. lack of leverage over Putin doesn’t mean the Russian will necessarily invade Ukraine:

Going into Tuesday’s virtual summit, many commentators saw Putin in the driver’s seat against a weakened United States. Biden has his problems, but Putin would be very foolish if he imagined that a Ukraine war would be a cakewalk.

Draft tweet: Barring the Russians from using the SWIFT global payment system would be like using the financial nuclear option against a nuclear power. Risk/reward is hard to measure.

* That’s the sound of gridlock breaking, as Team Pelosi-Schumer solve the debt ceiling and Pentagon spending sides of the December Rubik’s Cube.

Draft tweet: Democrats unite, Republicans divided, but/and it is impossible to know yet if this snapshot moment will influence the rest of the month — or 2022.

* It doesn’t sound right now like Senator Manchin is in a super hurry to get the BBB passed.

Draft tweet: . @Sen_JoeManchin always holds at least two more cards than he lets on.

* Another credible poll, another round of data that suggests anything from a Red wave to a Red tsunami in the midterms:

Draft tweet: Team Biden says “polls will go up, and polls will go down,” but, so far, they are mostly staying the same. Ds will take hope from the pandemic, education & healthcare numbers.

* Saule Omarova’s doomed nomination to be the Biden Comptroller of the Currency was withdrawn.

Draft tweet: Eager to read in Ron Klain’s memoirs how this one happened in the first place.


Draft tweet: Instagram PR chief: “I know this looks brazen AND craven, but it just might work!”

* Bruce Mehlman’s latest slide deck is out now!

Draft tweet: Team Biden still looking for the cure for soft.

* Psychic John Cohan’s 35th year of predictions for me:

• Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney’s feud triggers a fistfight

• Norah O’Donnell gets her own talk show

• MeMeMeghan and Prince Empty, trial separation. He’s welcomed back home

• Matthew Perry to Ireland for contentment and finds a non-showbiz lady

• Jennifer Garner and the guy in her life John Miller make a baby

• Gayle King’s new relationship with a politician doesn’t work

• Judge Judy stars in a movie as an actress. Whaaat? I mean, please! (Even she doesn’t believe this)

• Mamie Van Doren ’50s/’60s sex symbol, now in her 90s, makes a song album

• Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher’s son Todd finds brother Alain he never knew he had

• Eva Longoria gets Oscar nom plus lawyer to sue soap operas’ Lauralee Bell

• Sean Penn sued by workers who claim he inflicted mental cruelty

Draft tweet: Only in Cindy Adams’ New York, kiddos, only in Cindy Adams’ New York.

*  Mariah Carey puts it on the line for a fast food chain.

Draft tweet: Paging Milli Vanilli.

* Oh, my.

Draft tweet: I will not have what he’s not having.


* Uh, oh.

An Amazon Web Services outage is wreaking havoc on the e-commerce giant’s delivery operation, preventing drivers from getting routes or packages and shutting down communication between Amazon and the thousands of drivers it relies on, according to four people familiar with the situation.

Three delivery service partners said an Inc. app used to communicate with delivery drivers is down. Vans that were supposed to be on the road delivering packages are sitting idle with no communication from the company, the person said.

Draft tweet: Harvard Biz School case study or the opening scene of a sci-fi horror flick?


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