Aren't These Fish Incredible?

And other Sunday tales...

If it’s a slowish news Sunday, it’s my S-U-N-D-A-Y gimmick format.

S is for Serenity

New coronavirus cases across the United States have tumbled to rates not seen in more than 11 months, sparking optimism that vaccination campaigns are stemming both severe COVID-19 cases and the spread of the virus.

As cases, hospitalizations and deaths steadily dropped this week, pre-pandemic life in America has largely resumed (Associated Press)

HALPERIN SAYS: By my reporting and personal experience, Saturday was the most normalist of weekend days in American history.


U is for Unity

Two semi-essential reads:

Dan Balz:

Biden will have to make some difficult choices about the unfinished parts of his economic and domestic agenda. He will continue to feel pressure from the left on voting rights, immigration, racial injustice, guns and the filibuster. So far he has maneuvered through this with relative confidence, but he has been forced by circumstances to adapt to the changes within his party and govern accordingly.

Wall Street Journal:

An increasingly vocal progressive wing is putting more pressure on Democratic leaders over hot-button issues including U.S. military aid to Israel, Capitol security funding and policing practices.

HALPERIN SAYS: For real people outside the Beltway, these are the meanings that matter:


N is for Nod

Eric Adams is about to get a big boost in his bid to become New York’s next mayor, as Congressman Adriano Espaillat is expected to endorse him at a joint news conference Sunday, sources told The Post.

HALPERIN SAYS: Forced to predict as of now, I guess that Adams will be the next mayor of Gotham City.


D is for Departs

HALPERIN SAYS: It’s now going to be harder for CNN to reply when asked what voices it features regularly that dissent from the party line.


A is for Ageless

HALPERIN SAYS: The world roots as one for the Lefty (a/k/a FIGJAM).


Y is for Year-end


Every season finale of NBC’s Saturday Night Live brings anxiety for fans that some of their long-time favorites may be leaving. Tonight’s Season 46 closer left many viewers fearing that we may have seen the last of a number of long-time cast members.

With the pandemic seriously impacting the second half of last season, the entire cast of SNL returned for a do-over, including what could be the most ever cadre of cast members who have been on the show for 7+ seasons. (Seven is the standard length of an SNL contract.)

That includes Kenan Thompson (18 seasons), Kate McKinnon (10), Aidy Bryant (9), Cecily Strong (9), Colin Jost (8), Beck Bennett (8), Kyle Mooney (8), Michael Che (7).

HALPERIN ASKS INCREDULOUSLY: Bennett is only 8???!!!