Did You Make It Onto Joe Biden’s Enemies List?

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United States President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.’s official enemies list.

5. The Wall Street Journal editorial page

Essential reading: Daniel Henninger cracks the code, on how the White House is using the Warren-Sanders justification/rhetoric to declare America’s hair on fire on pretty much every front to fashion gargantuan policy efforts.  

Homer Simpson would say it’s funny because it’s true, but the Journal’s opinion page sees nothing funny about any of this truth.

No Democratic president can succeed without getting and maintaining significant support from the nation’s business community (as Bill Clinton knew and acted on and Barack Obama knew and didn’t act on).

Mr. Biden’s ties to the private sector remain iffy at best – and the Journal’s opinionmeisters are not helping his cause.


4. Vladimir Putin

Moscow recalls its ambassador as the American president calls the Russian topper “a killer.”  It remains to be seen what action the BidenBlinken tough talk translates into.

If bringing the former KGBer into line was easy, it would have been done a long time ago.


3. Donald J. Trump

Politico says the nation’s 45th president is about to sit down for a marathon set of book interviews, including many with reporters who have shown him their true selves.  So far, Biden’s predecessor has (inadvertently) actually helped the new White House get off to a fast start on some issues, but the West Wing knows a bolt from the blue waters of Palm Beach can happen at any time.


2. Mitch McConnell

The left’s hatred of the Blue Grasser sometimes keeps progressives from thinking straight about how they can actually neutralize him. His Wall Street Journal op-ed piece threatening to bring the Senate to a halt if the filibuster is nixed  (a codification of his recent floor remarks) is making Blue blood boil, but I’ve yet to hear any member of Team Biden-Harris-Klain-Pelosi-Schumer address how they would address the actions embedded in the warning.

PS: The Washington Post’s latest update on Democratic musing about changing or eliminating the filibuster is a long, valiant attempt to say something new and meaningful, but we remain where we were.

PPS: The members of the Gang of 22 (20 bipartisan Senators and two House members) are still trying to change the game, but the question remains – can/will Joe Biden accept 70% of a loaf for the sake of bipartisanship on any issue on which the left wants 90%-100%?


1. Xi Jinping

Truly the most essential readings of all this day: A pair of New York Times stories by top-shelf talent on the Sino-American state of play and the always distressing role of North Korea.

BidenBlinken are not romanticizing Xi as anything more than Putin in a different make of Western suit, and plan to bolster U.S. economic competitiveness as the centerpiece of a strategy to go, fight, win.

No excerpts from these, because you need to do your part in helping wage the existential battle for the 21st century by reading them both in full and thinking big thoughts.  

If you don’t subscribe to the Times online, you need to behave like a tourist trying to Google “Best Shanghai dumplings” while in the Paris of the East by getting around the paywall.



United States President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.’s official best friends list.

1. John Kerry


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