I’m leaving on a jet plane, quite sure when I’ll be back again.

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Raise your hand if you think my 6:45am ET flight this morning should lead me inexorably towards a brief and simple edition of Wide World of News.

While not unanimous, the verdict seems pretty clear.

See you tomorrow.

* The Washington Post has a serviceable but all-too-familiar look at Senator Sinema’s posture towards the reconciliation discussions, even as the current state of negotiations apparently remains as much of a mystery to the DC press corps as it does to citizen travelers such as myself.

* Also in the hometown paper sure to be strewn across Gang of 500 brunch tables at Lauriol Plaza this morning: a story about how some of Red America now likes to say profane and rude things about the current President of the United States.

* The “Saturday Night Live” cold open had a trio of Biden impersonators.



* Finally, Ross Douthat’s chilling account of his long-running illness will make you ache in several ways.


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