The Top Ten Dirty Little Secrets of News

Stay tuned for 999,990 more….

1. Facebook continues to laugh all the way to the bank, knowing it can publicly pretend it wants to be regulated while also knowing the Feds have no clue how to do that.

2. The war between the Royals and the Sussex satellite in Los Angeles is far more hot than cold.

3. There’s a reason (really four reasons) why Team Trump hasn’t come up with a stand-alone social media platform that serves the former president’s needs (and wishes) as well as those run by global monopolies.

4. This Boston Globe headline – “A beloved childhood experience, or a petri dish of germs? Public ball pits will reopen in August” – actually reflects more “dirty” than “secret.”

5. There is a sizable number of House Republicans who (secretly) worry about the implications of ousting Liz Cheney from leadership. 

6. Britney remains far from free.

7. Given how its members actually feel, the Dominant Media deserves an award for how strenuously it restrains (and how well it hides) its anti-Republican bias. (Don’t read too much or too little into this one.)

8. The Justice Department officials making the decision about the next steps in the Hunter Biden investigation are in a lose-lose situation.

9. Anyone who is acting surprised that Mitch McConnell said that “One-hundred percent of my focus is on stopping this new administration” is either shedding crock tears or has spent the entire pandemic with a dead mobile phone battery on Tristan da Cunha.

10. The fashion industry will make any customer concession (and cut any corner…) in order to keep half the population in one-size-fits-all flannel jumpsuits indefinitely.





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